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January, 2019

General Mills / Annie’s Tenant Improvement starts construction.                                                                               30,000 sf

Located near the 4th St. shopping district in Berkeley, the former Annie’s headquarters, originally designed by us in 2014, is now undergoing modifications to accommodate the full family of General Mills organic food companies that include Annie’s Homegrown Foods, an acquisition of 2016. The remodeled space will feature more open office areas, more collaboration areas, new super-graphics, a new window, and a new storage room for food products. Renovations will occur while the current staff continues to operate in the space.










October, 2018

Weatherford BMW new Collision Repair Facility completes construction                                                                                31,000 sf

Located at 1255 Eastshore Highway parallel to the 580 / I-80 freeway corridor in Berkeley, CA the new Weatherford Collision Repair facility adaptively re-uses a former sign fabrication shop. Every inch of the 1937 collection of connected metal warehouses has been modernized with a combination of new estimation offices and car repair garages including computer operated paint booths. Daylight from the array of existing roof skylights baths the state-of-the-art repair booths at the refinished concrete garage floor. The project adds an updated industrial aesthetic to the western edge of Berkeley’s manufacturing zone



September, 2017

Next Generation Automobile Showroom & Repair Facility completes construction.                                                                                 8,000 sf

Located on Eastshore Highway in Albany just off the Buchannan St. Exit the new, ground-up 8,000 sf gateway facility has completed construction and awaits occupancy by an electric car dealership. Until lease signing the adjacent Toyota certified used car dealership at our previously designed and built “Ice-Cube” Building will make use of the space.

Equipped with motor operated windows for natural and nighttime ventilation and exterior sunshades for solar gain control the showroom serves as a kind of a jewel box temple of modern automotive commerce. The windowless corrugated metal envelope for the repair space features rooftop skylights for complete daylighting of the workplane. The cylindrical interior core that ties the two halves together provides private offices, employee break room, kitchen, bathrooms and upstairs parts storage and HVAC equipment room.


December, 2013

3101 35th Ave. submitted for Bldg. Permit                               15,000 sf

A mixed-use project of 7 residential townhouse condos with 1 corner ground floor commercial unit in Oakland’s evolving  Laurel District. This ground up project will add to the area’s inventory of contemporary housing options with three story units designed for families.  Each townhouse has an attached garage, a 1st level work studio with bathroom, 2nd level kitchen with two story living and dining areas and a bedroom/bath suite, and a 3rd level with two bedrooms and bathroom. The units are primed for installation of photovoltaic systems and designed for natural ventilation and passive solar gain. The project represents a high density housing solution at 34 units / acre, tailored to a small, urban in-fill lot.


November, 2013

Construction starts for Albany Auto Showroom

& Repair Facility                                                                            8,500 sf

Our ground up design for a new EV and HEV auto showroom along Interstate 80 creates a modern gateway for the city of Albany.  Adjacent to our previously designed Ice Cube Bldg., the two-part structure includes a glass box with exterior sunshades at its surrounding porticos formed by an overhanging roof that supports a full photovoltaic system.  3 EV charging stations form an entrance colonnade to the showroom.  Temperature actuated louvers at the window walls allow night ventilation to passively cool the tile floor.  The developer, Tim Southwick, owner of numerous East Bay auto-related business and real estate assets, envisions this project as the next generation auto showroom.


October, 2013

Boatworks Residential Community project                             182 units

begins shoreline remediation                                                  320,000 sf

The Boatworks project in Alameda at the Oakland Estuary near the Park St. Bridge, decades long in planning, has assumed its final incarnation in the form of a proposed 182 unit townhouse community with significant waterfront open space.  The first phase of demolition of existing industrial warehouses has been completed, now followed by major remediation and improvements along Army Corps lands at the shoreline. The project has involved a complex cooperation between the USACE, the EPA, BCDC, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The final project will feature a variety of family sized floorplans comprising a new “solar community” focused on pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathways that knit into the existing urban fabric.


September, 2013

Stinson Beach Memorial receives Village Association Board Approvals                                                                                         867 sf

Winner of an invited competition, our “Waves” proposal has received approvals from the Village Association board which initiated the project to create a “A contemplative place of remembrance where current and former residents can commemorate and celebrate family and friends of the Stinson Beach Community”.  The design is now undergoing technical refinements, production of construction documents for bidding, and coordination with fabricators, suppliers and artisans to prepare for fundraising in 2014.  Located behind the Community Center Chapel, the design features curvilinear stainless steel tubes, aggregated in wave-like lattices that will hold river rocks, individually engraved with the names of Stinson Beach residents. This is a new type of memorial, a living, evolutionary event, intended to bring together a diverse community into a unique place that recognizes the many distinct personalities of the town’s past and present citizens.


August, 2013

Ocean 5 Townhomes begins vertical construction                   9,200 sf

Located along the prime pedestrian “Greenway” that traverses Emeryville and connects with Berkeley, these unique attached townhomes become progressively taller to afford each roof an area for photovoltaic panels. Foundation work has been completed with framing well on its way. Each 3 -4 bedroom unit has through ventilation and its own garage. Two story expanses of protected west facing windows bring afternoon light into the living rooms.





July, 2013

808 A St. Senior Housing wins unanimous approval from Hayward Planning Commission                                                                62,000 sf

60 units of active senior housing on top of 6000 sf of commercial space comprise BantaDESIGN’s recently approved mixed-use project for a blighted, urban infill site in Downtown Hayward.  Seeking project opportunities in the Bay Area, Client Meta Housing specializes in themed, high quality senior housing in Southern California and brought to the project a commitment to sustainability and urban engagement. The project features a grand arch entrance for people, bicycles and vehicles that is covered with vines and supports a richly landscaped 2nd level courtyard, both fronting directly onto A St.  A “Solar Canopy” of solar panels creates a floating cornice for the courtyard and reflects both City and Client dedication to alternative energy solutions.


June, 2013

Expansion completed for Aspera HQ                                       31,000 sf

Construction has been completed for the renovation and expansion of Aspera’s headquarters facilities in Emeryville. BantaDESIGN combined an existing 15,000 sf space with adjacent office area similar in size.  Aspera is a next-generation software development company whose core product technology delivers high-performance, maximum-speed, bulk data transport and file transfer through network infrastructures.  Their customers include iTunes, Netflix, Avatar (the James Cameron film), Universal Pictures, Weta Digital, Codemasters, BGI, Chillibean digital TV delivery, and Arirang (the Korean media company).